Continuing Education (CE) and Renewal Questions

You must meet ongoing requirements in order to maintain your ARRT certification and registration. This includes:

  • Annual renewal
  • Remain compliant with ARRT Rules and Regulations and ARRT Standards of Ethics
  • Complete and report Continuing Education activities every two years
  • Complete ARRT’s Continuing Qualifications Requirements every 10 years (for R.R.A.s, and R.T.s who earned their credentials on or after Jan.1, 2011)

Learn more about these ongoing requirements and how to maintain your ARRT credentials

As an R.T., you’ll need to complete and report 24 credits of approved continuing education activities every two years (or 50 credits if you’re an R.R.A.). If you’re an R.T. in Sonography, 16 of the 24 credits must be directly related to your discipline. 

Activities can often count for more than one credit, and may include online classes, self study readings, seminar lectures, and classroom learning.

After earning your R.T. credentials, you’ll have access to an online account with ARRT where you can read in-depth information on how to find, complete, and report your CE activities. 

When you become an R.T., you’ll report your Continuing Education credits every two years as part of your annual renewal process. You’ll be given detailed instructions after your earn your first ARRT credential. 

After you become certified and registered with ARRT, we’ll give you access to an online account where you can find detailed information on annual renewal and continuing education. If you have immediate questions, call us at 651.687.0048, ext. 8540.