If you have concerns about a potential ethics violation—and you’re more than eight months away from graduation—consider requesting an ethics review now, before you apply for ARRT certification and registration. This may also be an option if you are not yet enrolled in a program. 

With this option, you’ll submit information and documentation regarding your potential ethics violation before you apply for certification and registration. The ARRT Ethics Committee will review your submission and determine if it warrants a sanction. If you receive a sanction, you might be ineligible to apply for certification and registration for a set period of time. 

If you have fewer than eight months until graduation, the ethics review preapplication isn’t an option. You’ll have to wait and report any potential ethics violations on your application for certification and registration. (You may submit your application up to three months before you complete your educational program.)  


Use the ethics review preapplication if you’ve faced:

  • Misdemeanor or felony charges or convictions
  • Military courts-martial
  • Disciplinary actions taken by a state or federal regulatory authority or certification board
  • Serious honor code (academic) violations as described in our Rules of Ethics, such as patient abuse, violating patient confidentiality, and cheating. You don't have to report offenses such as poor grades or falling asleep in class. 

Complete the ethics review preapplication form, and submit it along with the necessary documentation and nonrefundable fee. Use the criminal violation checklistregulatory agency violation checklist, or honor code violation checklist to ensure you’re sending all required information. 

An ethics review can take a significant amount of time—sometimes three months or more. If you’re concerned about meeting the ethics requirement, we recommend you request an ethics review preapplication before or shortly after you enter an education program.  

Once we receive your submission, the Ethics Committee will review it and make a decision.  


If you aren’t sure whether your actions constitute an ethics violation, report the actions now—and find out sooner rather than later. If you have questions, contact our Ethics Requirements Department at 651.687.0048. Choose the option for ethics information.

Although our staff members can explain the steps of the ethics review process to you, they can’t advise you on possible outcomes, and they won’t have any effect on the outcome. All official communication regarding your ethics review will come in writing from the Ethics Committee.