For R.T.s, patients will always be at the heart of the profession—and protecting their best interests and safety should always be the priority. That’s why ARRT emphasizes our ethics requirements for certification and registration. Patients and their families want to know that their medical professionals, including technologists, are qualified, responsible, and trustworthy. 


The ARRT Standards of Ethics is one of our governing documents. It articulates the types of behavior we expect of R.T.s and describes the types of behavior we won’t tolerate. The document includes our Code of Ethics (a set of guidelines to which R.T.s aspire) and Rules of Ethics (mandatory and enforceable standards), along with information regarding our ethics review process.

We encourage all R.T.s to review the ARRT Standards of Ethics each year to ensure they’re maintaining compliance. You should also refer to the document if you’re reporting an ethics violation or if you’re under an ethics review. 

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To speak to someone directly about your specific questions, call our ethics department at 651.687.0048. Select the option for ethics information.