A recognized continuing education evaluation mechanism (RCEEM) is a radiology-based or medical imaging‐based organization that ARRT has approved to evaluate the content, quality, and integrity of proposed continuing education (CE) activities. Specifically, RCEEMs evaluate an activity’s educational objectives, content relevancy and accuracy, faculty qualifications, and education methods and materials. RCEEMs are authorized to award Category A designation to any proposed CE activity that meets ARRT’s requirements (RCEEM+s can award A+). 


We're currently accepting applications for new RCEEMs. Review our CE Partners Document for instructions, forms for ARRT recognition, and general information for CE Approvers, CE Trackers, and CE Transferors. 

To become a RCEEM with approval privileges for CE activities for ARRT, your organization must be:

  • National in scope
  • Not‐for‐profit
  • Radiology-based or medical imaging-based
  • Willing to evaluate CE activities that any technologist within a given discipline or focus develops
  • Able to demonstrate ARRT’s need for an additional RCEEM (e.g., what issues or concerns are existing RCEEMs not addressing?)
  • Willing to provide a description of the policies and procedures you’ll use to evaluate CE activities
  • Willing to show evidence that you have sufficient resources and experience to provide reliable and valid evaluations of CE activities
  • Willing to adhere to ARRT’s CE Policies and Procedures


Below is a list of RCEEMs that ARRT has approved to evaluate CE activities. If you’re a CE sponsor looking for a RCEEM to approve your CE activity, please contact any of these organizations directly. 

* These RCEEMs are authorized to approve Category A and A+ credits.


** ARRT recognizes evaluation processes of these states, which have CE requirements in their licensing laws. Certain requirements must be met in order for an R.T. to use these activities as credits. Learn more in ARRT Education Requirements for Obtaining and Maintaining Certification and Registration.


  • CE Approvers:
    Review CE activities and determine whether educational activities meet ARRT requirements. If so, CE Approvers determine the credit value awarded for completing the activity. We also refer to CE Approvers as Recognized Education Evaluation Mechanisms (RCEEMs) or State Licensing Agencies (SLAs).  
  • CE Trackers:
    Verify completion of CE activities and maintain records of CE activities that technologists complete.
  • CE Transferors:
    Electronically submit technologists’ records of completed CE activities to ARRT.