More than 330,000 professionals hold ARRT certification and registration. Throughout their careers, they complete continuing education (CE) activities that help keep their qualifications—and their ARRT credentials—up to date. 

Specifically, our registrants must complete:

To help R.T.s find the right CE for their needs, we maintain a database of acceptable activities. That’s where sponsors come in. 


Starting in 2018, R.T.s that pursue ARRT credentials using the postprimary pathway will need to choose CE linked to the content outline* for their discipline. Those with CQR CE prescriptions will need to do the same. 

To help R.T.s find these targeted activities, we assign credit distributions to each activity in our database. The credit distributions align with the content categories in our discipline-specific content outlines (view the outlines in our Structured Education Requirements document and our CQR Structured Self-Assessment document.) Because of this, R.T.s are likely to use our database as the primary source for finding CE activities.

This presents a great opportunity for CE sponsors to put their activities in front of a large and motivated audience.

*Our content outlines list the knowledge and skills needed to perform tasks associated with each discipline. 


Start by having a RCEEM (or ARRT-recognized state licensing agency) approve your activity. You'll also need to verify that your activities meet our CE requirements. Take a look at our ARRT Stakeholder Document to learn more.

You might also find it helpful to review our discipline-specific content outlines to confirm whether your activities fall within one or more of our content areas. You'll find a copy of these outlines in our CQR Structured Self-Assessment Content Specifications documents and our Structured Education Requirements documents. 

When you’re ready to submit your activity to ARRT, log in to our CE Sponsor Suite. There, you can quickly and easily upload your activities. Next, we’ll review your submission and assign it specific credits for any areas that correspond with our content outlines. Upon your approval, we’ll integrate your activities into the searchable database that R.T.s use to find CE. Each activity in the database provides a direct link to the CE sponsor's website. 

Remember: only activities that we review and to which we assign a credit distribution meet our CE requirements for CQR and structured education.


CE Sponsor Suite (where you'll submit your activities)

CE Database/Search Tool (where R.T.s find CE activities)

Quick Sheet for Sponsors—Why Use Our CE Database

Registry Review Course Guidelines

ARRT Trademark Guidelines

CQR Overview (including videos)

Find our Content Outlines in the following documents:


We monitor our CE database to ensure that R.T.s have a range of educational options that meet their particular learning needs. Currently, we’ve identified that R.T.s who are prescribed CE as part of our Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR) will have difficulty finding appropriate activities for certain disciplines and topics.

This presents a great opportunity for sponsors to create and submit targeted activities to ARRT's CE database. 

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