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Address change form 
Use this form only if you don't have an ARRT online account

ARRT online account access form
For non-R.T.s who hold a credential from NMTCB or ARDMS and are interested in pursuing an ARRT credential

CE biennium change request 
Change the years of your CE biennium

Eligibility appeal request
Use this form to file an appeal if you believe you’ve met all our education and examination eligibility requirements and were determined to be ineligible. 

Name change form

Maximum CQR prescription acceptance form

Request discontinuation of certification and registration

Duplicate Records Requests

Duplicate certificate

Duplicate examination results packet 
Includes a certificate and exam score report

Duplicate examination score report

Release Forms

Authorization, waiver, and release to legal counsel

Verification Requests

Authorization for Release of Information
Use this form if a third party (e.g. an employer) wants information on your ARRT history, such as previous disciplinary actions. Do not use this form to request verification of your certification and registration.

Letter of certification and registration 
You'll be prompted to log into your account first. Alternatively, use our Verify Credentials database.

Verification of education


Ethics review preapplication

Ethics violation report form 
R.T.s use this form to report potential ethics violations. Students shouldn't use this form; instead, follow the student process outlined here.


Authorization, waiver, and release to legal counsel

Ethics appeal waiver

Ethics hearing waiver


Mailing list agreement

Researcher mailing list agreement


Volunteer forms are available on the ARRT Volunteer Portal.