As part of earning an ARRT credential using the postprimary eligibility pathway, candidates must complete and document certain clinical procedures. An eligible professional, called a verifier, must confirm the appropriate completion of each procedure. 

After candidates log all their clinical procedures, and a verifier confirms them, another eligible person—called a clinical supervisor—must review the clinical documentation.


Clinical supervisors must work in the facility where the candidate performs the procedures. They may be a candidate’s department manager, clinical coordinator, team supervisor, or another person in a supervisory role.


If you’re acting as a clinical supervisor, be sure to carefully review the documentation the candidate submits. Confirm that the procedures were done at your facility by the candidate on the dates and times that they logged. We rely on you to make sure candidates are prepared to provide high-quality patient care.

While you don’t need to have witnessed the procedures, make sure you check for the following:

  • The candidate was employed at your facility (or was authorized to perform the procedures at your facility on the dates entered).
  • The candidate was working on the day and time that they said they performed the procedures.
  • Your facility has the necessary equipment to perform the procedure the candidate stated they performed.
  • The procedure/examination was performed at the facility where the patient and equipment are located, and the candidate was physically present during the examination or procedure. (ARRT doesn't accept remote scanning for completion of our clinical requirements.)

Keep in mind: If you’re an ARRT Registered Technologist (R.T.) confirming the procedures of a colleague, you’re held to the same Standards of Ethics as the person completing the procedure. R.T.s who falsely confirm someone else’s experience could become part of an ethics investigation. Ultimately, that could result in sanctions, including revocation of your certification and registration.


We’ll send you an email when a candidate’s documentation is ready for review. Use the link in the email to access a log of their procedures. After you review the documentation, you can confirm or reject it. Note: You can’t confirm or reject individual procedures—you’ll either confirm all or reject all. If you reject the documentation, we’ll send it back to the R.T. They can then make edits and/or add new procedures and resubmit for your approval.


Call our Clinical Requirements department at 651-687-0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential.