As part of earning an ARRT credential using the postprimary eligibility pathway, candidates must complete and document certain clinical procedures. ARRT requires an eligible professional to verify each procedure. It’s up to each candidate to find willing and eligible people to act as verifiers.


Verifiers must work at the facility where the candidate performs the clinical procedures or be affiliated with the facility through an educational program. Other eligibility requirements for verifiers differ, depending on the discipline of the credential the candidate is pursuing. Check the Clinical Experience Requirement document for the discipline you are pursuing to learn more.


If you’re acting as a clinical verifier, be sure to carefully review any procedures the candidate submits. While you don’t need to have witnessed the procedures, make sure you check for the following:

  • The candidate completed a diagnostic-quality procedure for their discipline AND followed your facility protocols.
  • The candidate was employed at your facility (or was authorized to perform the procedures at your facility on the dates entered).
  • The candidate was working on the day and time that they said they performed the procedures.
  • Your facility has the necessary equipment to perform the procedure the candidate stated they performed.
  • The procedure/examination was performed at the facility where the patient and equipment are located, and the candidate was physically present during the examination or procedure. (ARRT doesn't accept remote scanning for completion of our clinical requirements.)

In addition to the above, you as a verifier might have even more stringent requirements. For example, you might decide that candidates must perform procedures with no mistakes, or you might want candidates to perform several procedures before you begin verifying. That’s up to you.

Keep in mind: If you’re an ARRT Registered Technologist (R.T.) verifying the procedures of a colleague, you’re held to the same Standards of Ethics as the person completing the procedure. R.T.s submitting false reports—or who falsely verify someone else’s experience—could become part of an ethics investigation.  Ultimately, that could result in sanctions, including revocation of your certification and registration.


Once someone nominates you as a verifier, you’ll receive a welcome email from ARRT. It will direct you to complete a brief verifier application form. We’ll let you know once we authorize you as a verifier. After that, you can create a verifier account (for non-R.T. verifiers) or you can use your arrt.org login credentials to access your verifier screens (for verifiers who are also R.T.s)

When you have procedures from the candidate to review and verify, we'll send you emails at the rate you request. You don’t need to wait for an email, though. You can log in anytime to review—and approve or deny—new procedures. Remember, candidates can't apply for their new credentials until all their procedures are verified. 


If you’ve already been approved as a verifier and want to review procedures now, use one of the links below: 


Call our Clinical Requirements department at 651-687-0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential.