What are Continuing Qualifications Requirements?

Today more than ever, patients demand high quality care and accountability from their health care providers—so it’s important for medical professionals to routinely assess their knowledge and skills. By doing so, they become better prepared to meet changing standards. That’s why many credentialing organizations, including ARRT, have created long-term requirements (sometimes called time-limited certification) for maintaining credentials.

Our process is called Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR). It will help you assess and improve your knowledge—and your ability to provide high-quality patient care. CQR will also help you refresh your understanding of areas in which you might not currently practice. 

Top Five Things to Know About CQR

  1. CQR applies to any credentials that you've earned after January 1, 2011, or if you are an R.R.A.
  2. You'll complete CQR every ten years for each eligible discipline, and will have three years to complete the process. We'll notify you when your window opens. 
  3. The Structured Self-Assessment (SSA) is not a test—and you can't fail it.
  4. You can use most prescribed CQR CE for your biennium CE.
  5. In most cases, there is no cost for CQR.

Why Do I Need CQR?


Patients Demand Quality

Today's patients demand quality and accountability from their health care providers. CQR helps you improve your knowledge so you can give patients the care they require. 


AssesS Your Current Skill Set

CQR will help you assess your current skills and show how they compare to other R.T.s working in your discipline. 




CQR will help you identify any gaps in knowledge related to your credential. It then gives you the tools to address these gaps.


Elevate The Profession

By completing CQR, R.T.s show the medical community and patients that they're skilled, knowledgeable, and up to date on best practices.

How Do I Complete CQR?


You'll complete CQR once every 10 years for each ARRT credential you've earned since 2011.* If you're a Registered Radiologist Assistant, you'll fulfill CQR for that discipline too, regardless of when you earned it. You'll have three years to finish the process, and we'll notify you when your compliance window opens. At that point, you'll work through CQR in three easy steps:

Professional Profile

You'll identify the types of procedures you perform and how often you perform them. You'll then see how your experience compares to that of others in your discipline.

Structured Self-Assessment

The Structured Self-Assessment (SSA) isn't a test—and you can't fail. It will simply help you identify any gaps in knowledge related to your credential. You'll have options for taking your SSA at a Pearson VUE professional center or online at home with a remote proctor monitoring you through a webcam.  

Prescribed CE

If your SSA reveals any areas for learning opportunities, we'll prescribe specific Continuing Education (CE) activities for you to complete. In most cases, those prescribed CE activities will also count towards your biennium CE requirements.

*How to Participate in CQR if You Earned Your Credential Before January 1, 2011

For those that aren't required to complete CQR but would like to sign up anyway, we'll have a process for doing so in the coming months. Watch the resources tab of your online account for more information.