Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR) Questions

CQR stands for Continuing Qualifications Requirements. It’s a process that R.T.s with time-limited certifications must complete every 10 years to identify gaps in their professional skills and knowledge.  CQR provides R.T.s with a roadmap for acquiring any missing skills or knowledge, so they’ll meet or exceed today's entry-level standards for R.T.s in their discipline(s). Learn more about CQR and the process. 

Do I have to complete CQR?

If you earned an ARRT credential on or after Jan. 1, 2011, or if you’re an R.R.A., your certification and registration is limited to 10 years. This is considered a time-limited credential. You must complete the CQR process during the final three years of your 10-year period.

Will I need to complete CQR for every ARRT credential I hold?

If you hold multiple time-limited credentials (credentials earned on or after after Jan. 1, 2011 or the R.R.A. credential) you'll need to complete separate CQR processes for each. Each credential has a different CQR timeline, according to the date you originally earned it.

If I'm not working in the profession, do I need to complete CQR to maintain my ARRT certification and registration?

Yes, if you hold a time-limited credential, you’ll be required to complete CQR, regardless of whether you’re working in the profession.

The CQR process has three main steps

  1. The Professional Profile
  2. The Structured Self-Assessment (SSA)
  3. Prescribed CE.  

You’ll complete steps one and two, then CE may be prescribed (step three), depending on the results of your SSA. 

When your CQR compliance window opens, you'll see a link to our CQR tool on your ARRT account dashboard. This tool will guide you through the process step by step. 

When do I need to complete CQR?

You’ll be able to complete the CQR process during the last three years of your 10-year CQR period. We’ll send you notifications when that time approaches.

What happens if I don't complete the CQR process by the end of my three-year compliance window?

You must complete CQR to maintain your certification and registration. If you don't complete the entire process within your three-year compliance period, we’ll discontinue your credentials. In order to regain them, you'll have to complete the CQR process and then reinstate according to the rules in place at that time (this may involve taking the exam in your discipline again). There are no extensions to CQR deadlines.

How will I know that I've completed the CQR process?

Once you’ve completed the CQR process, you’ll see a checkmark next to “CQR Complete” on the CQR checklist on your ARRT account dashboard. You will be due to complete CQR again in 10 years.

Is the SSA a test?

No. Tests judge performance by delivering a passing or failing score. Assessments, on the other hand, evaluate your knowledge and/or skills. You can’t pass or fail the SSA.

Do I need to study for the SSA?

Not necessarily. You can’t fail the assessment, but if your results show gaps in your knowledge, we will prescribe continuing education activities for you to complete. You may find it helpful to review the current content specifications (often called content outlines) for your discipline before you take the assessment.

When do I get the results of the SSA?

Within two weeks of completing the SSA, you can log in to the CQR tool through your online account and view your assessment results. If your SSA identified areas for additional learning, we’ll provide you with a prescription for continuing education activities, and will provide resources to help you find specific options to meet your prescription. 

Will I have to complete additional CE activities as part of CQR?

Possibly. If your Structured Self-Assessment (SSA) identifies any gaps in your knowledge or skills, we’ll prescribe CE activities based on those gaps. However, you’ll be able to use most, if not all, prescribed CE activities for your biennial CE requirements.

Does CQR replace my biennial CE requirements?

No. You'll continue to complete and report your biennium CE activities every two years.

Can I use the same CE activities for both my biennium requirements and for CQR?

In most cases, you'll be able to use your prescribed CE activities to satisfy both CQR and your biennium CE requirements. Because of this, consider starting the CQR process early in your three-year compliance period. By completing the SSA early, you'll know how many (if any) of your biennium CE credits you can satisfy with prescribed CE activities.

If you enter CE for CQR that ARRT approves, and the CE is eligible for your biennial CE requirements, we'll apply it to your biennial CE. You'll see it when you renew your credential.

How do I find CE activities for CQR?

If you receive a CE prescription, you’ll have access to a list of CE activities within the online CQR tool. We've coded all the activities in the database to align with one or more sections of our content outlines. We've also divided the total number of credits the activity is worth among each of the corresponding content areas. This will help you find the right CE activities to fulfill your CE prescription for CQR compliance. 

How do I report my prescribed CE activities for CQR?

When you complete each course, you’ll upload the certificates of completion in the online CQR tool. Make sure to keep copies of everything for your records.  Submit your prescribed continuing education activities at least two weeks before the end of your three-year compliance period. That allows us time to receive and review your documents.

How do I know if ARRT accepted my prescribed CE activities?

Within two weeks of reporting your CE activities, we’ll update your online progress checklist to confirm whether you’ve successfully completed your CQR. If more than two weeks pass and you don’t see an online update, call us at 651.687.0048. Choose the option for Continuing Qualifications Requirements.

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