How to List Your Credentials

Show people that you’re proud to be a Registered Technologist (R.T.) or Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.). Use your credential properly on your resume, business cards, online profiles, and other areas.

When using ARRT credentials in conjunction with your name, keep these things in mind.


  • After your full name, include a comma and the initials R.T. Don’t forget the periods.
  • Then include, in parentheses, the abbreviation for the discipline(s) in which you hold ARRT credentials.
  • Most people list their credentials in the order in which they earned them. Registered Radiologist Assistants (R.R.A.s), however, should list that credential first.
  • Remember to include (ARRT) at the end of your credential string. That helps avoid confusion with certifications from any other source. 


  • Don’t use periods in the credential string except after R.T. and R.R.A. 
  • Don’t add spaces anywhere in the string of letters that appear in parentheses.


  • If you’re certified and registered with ARRT in one discipline, such as Radiography, your credential string should read: Pat Smith, R.T.(R)(ARRT)

  • If you’re certified and registered in multiple disciplines, list them like this, usually in the order you earned them: Pat Smith, R.T.(R)(CT)(MR)(ARRT)

  • If you’re a Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.), put that credential first. Then add any other ARRT credentials: Pat Smith, R.R.A., R.T.(R)(ARRT)