Below is an overview of the steps in applying for certification and registration as an R.R.A. When you’re ready to apply, follow the instructions in your R.R.A. application information packet and on your R.R.A. application form. Refer to the R.R.A. handbook and your Candidate Status Report for guidance.

Errors and omissions can affect your ability to earn ARRT credentials, so be sure your application is accurate and complete. Call us at 651.687.0048 if you have questions. 


Before You Apply

  • Earn and maintain ARRT certification and registration in Radiography.
  • Continue meeting ARRT’s ethics requirements, or report any potential ethics violations to us.
  • Verify that you’ve met our R.R.A. education requirements as outlined in the R.R.A. handbook. They include completing an accepted R.R.A. educational program, gaining required clinical experience, and earning a master's degree or higher from an accredited institution (the degree needn’t be in the radiologic sciences). 
  • Review these documents:

Preparing and Submitting Your Application

  • Fill out the appropriate R.R.A. application form below, enclose the processing fee, and mail the application to ARRT.

  • If you have a disability that falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), and you require accommodations at the test center, submit a formal request at the same time you submit your application for certification and registration. After we assign your exam window, you will not be allowed to submit a request for testing accommodations.
  • Allow up to four weeks for ARRT to process your application.

 You’ll Hear From Us

  • After we process your application, we’ll send you a Candidate Status Report. It will tell you whether you’re eligible for the exam and, if so, give instructions for scheduling your exam. 

Scheduling and Taking Your Exam

  • You’ll be assigned to the next scheduled R.R.A. exam date. ARRT’s R.R.A. exams take place twice a year, on the second Thursday of January and of July at Pearson VUE test center locations. Application deadlines fall approximately eight weeks before each exam date.
  • We’ll mail your official score report two to three weeks after you complete the exam. 


We’re here to help. You can search our FAQssend us a message, or call us at 651.687.0048 if you have questions.