Accommodations are ways of adapting an exam experience to meet the needs of people who have disabilities that may impair their exam performance. Accommodations can’t change the number of questions or the content an exam covers. And they don’t guarantee improved performance, a passing score, or any specific outcome.


ARRT complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). We’ll provide appropriate testing accommodations if you demonstrate that you have an ADA-qualifying disability and that your disability results in substantial functional limitations that affect your daily life activities, as compared to most people. In most cases, you'll need to submit supporting documentation and a personal statement describing your disability. 

Accommodations must be appropriate to the task and setting. For example, although you might have received accommodations in a classroom setting, those adaptations might not be necessary in an ARRT exam setting.

Approved accommodations might include additional time to complete the exam, a separate testing room, or access to snacks for those with diabetes. You won’t need to request test accommodations for “comfort aids,” such as an inhaler, crutches, or eye drops.


Start by answering yes to the question about testing accommodations on your application for ARRT certification and registration.  Then, after we receive your ARRT application, we’ll send you instructions on applying for testing accommodations.

If you answer no to the testing accommodations question on your ARRT application, you’ll have to take the exam without them. 

We contract with Paradigm Testing, an independent company, to manage our ADA testing accommodations requests. As part of the testing accommodation application process, you’ll submit a form and supporting documents to Paradigm. You must submit such a form each time you attempt an exam, including re-examination attempts. 

We’ll place your ARRT application on hold until you submit your accommodation request and Paradigm processes it. In addition, you won’t be able to schedule your exam until we send you the decision letter.

If you don’t submit a request to Paradigm within a year, we’ll process your application without any testing accommodation and assign you an exam window. At this point, we can no longer grant any testing accommodations.


If you have questions about testing accommodations, call us at 651.687.0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential. Note—we can’t give information about the status of your accommodations request over the phone. Once your review is complete, we’ll send you the decision in writing.