Pursuing an additional credential using the postprimary eligibility pathway is a great opportunity to enhance your professional development. You’ll gain new skills, be prepared for additional responsibilities at work, and show employers that you’re passionate about your career.


To earn a new credential using the postprimary eligibility pathway, you’ll need to fulfill a range of requirements: 

  • Supporting category prerequisite: You’ll need to have ARRT credentials in the appropriate supporting discipline before you can pursue a credential using the postprimary eligibility pathway. In some cases, you may earn your supporting credential through another organization. 
  • Ethics: You must maintain compliance with the ARRT Standards of Ethics.  
  • Structured education: You must complete 16 hours of structured education activities. 
  • Clinical experience: You must perform and document a specific number of various clinical procedures. 
  • Examination: You must complete and pass the ARRT exam for the specific postprimary discipline you’re pursuing. 

Already pursuing an additional credential using the postprimary eligibility pathway? Access our online postprimary tool to continue your progress.


Learn more about pursuing a new credential in your desired discipline. You can find more information below on the requirements, including official clinical experience and structured education. You can also view the task inventory, practice analysis report, and content specifications for each discipline.

If you still have questions, view our postprimary FAQ page, or call our Initial Certification Department at 651.687.0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential.