After you’ve confirmed that ARRT administers a particular state’s licensing exam, your next step is to review the state licensing handbook and content specifications for your discipline. You’ll also want to start the application process. 

Here’s an overview of what to do. Visit ARRT’s state licensing website for detailed instructions.   

  • Apply to the state
    Before scheduling your exam appointment, you’ll need to apply with a state. Contact the state directly for an application and information regarding the application process.
  • The state responds
    The state will confirm or deny your eligibility to take the exam.
  • Submit exam fee
    If the state approves you to take the licensing exam, it will send you instructions for paying the exam fee.
  • ARRT sends a Candidate Status Report*
    After ARRT processes your information, we’ll send you a Candidate Status Report, which has the information you’ll need to schedule your exam appointment with a Pearson VUE test center.
  • Your 90-day exam window
    Your Candidate Status Report will list the dates of your 90-day exam window. You must schedule and complete your exam during this period. 
  • Exam window extensions
    You must submit exam window extension requests directly to your state. Each state determines whether to grant the extension. Exceptions in certain cases are California, which automatically allows a 365-day eligibility period, and Florida, which automatically allows a 180-day eligibility period. Although California and Florida allow longer eligibility periods, your ARRT-assigned window is still only 90 days. You must submit a request to ARRT (not California or Florida) to extend that window.

*If your Candidate Status Report contains inaccurate name or contact information, please contact the state to request an update before you schedule your exam appointment. ARRT can’t change personal information without notification from the state agency. 


Taking a state licensing exam is important to—and often required for—your career. If ARRT administers the state licensing exam you want to take, here’s whom to contact if you have questions along the way.

Contact the state with questions about:

  • State licensing eligibility or requirements
  • Exam results
  • Name and/or address changes
  • Window extension requests (excluding California and Florida)
  • Extending your window beyond 365 total days in California (ARRT can only approve extensions, in 90-day increments, until you hit 365 days; after that, you must ask the state)
  • Extending your window beyond 180 total days in Florida (ARRT can only approve one extension of 90 days; when you hit 180 days, your request must go to the state)

Contact Pearson VUE for questions about:

  • Scheduling the exam 

Contact ARRT with questions about:

  • Content specifications or handbooks
  • What to expect at the exam center
  • Taking the exam
  • Issues at the test center
  • Extending your window in California (ARRT can approve extensions, in 90-day increments, until you hit 365 days; after that, your requests must go to the state)
  • Extending your window in Florida (ARRT can approve one extension of 90 days; when you hit 180 days, your requests must go to the state)