As an R.T., you’re familiar with some of the steps in applying for certification and registration using the primary pathway. Even so, some steps might have changed since you obtained your first credential. Below is an overview of the current process. When you’re ready to apply, follow the instructions on your application, refer to the primary handbook, and look to your Candidate Status Report for guidance.

Be sure that your application is accurate and complete, because errors and omissions can affect your ability to earn ARRT credentials. If you have questions, call our Initial Certification Department at 651.687.0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential. 


Before You Apply

  • Review the Primary Handbook.
  • Make sure that you still meet ARRT’s ethics requirements or that you’ve reported any potential ethics violations to us.
  • Verify that you’ve met our education requirements for the new primary discipline.

Preparing and Submitting Your Application

  • Obtain an application for ARRT certification and registration from your Program Director.
  • Complete the application, paying close attention to all questions and details.
  • Ask your Program Director to complete his or her portion on your application form.
  • If you have a disability that falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), and you require accommodations at the test center, submit a formal request at the same time you submit your application for certification and registration. After we assign your exam window, you will not be allowed to submit a request for testing accommodations.
  • Mail your application form and fee to ARRT in the envelope provided in your application packet. You may mail your application up to three months before you expect to complete your education program.

After We Process Your Application

  • We’ll alert your Program Director that it’s time to verify whether you've completed your program. If you’ve already completed your program, we’ll request verification right away; if you haven’t, we’ll send a notice about two weeks before you graduate.)
  • We’ll send you a Candidate Status Report, which contains instructions for scheduling your exam.

Scheduling and Taking Your Exam

  • After we process your application, you’ll have 365 days to schedule and complete your exam. Test center appointments fill up quickly. We recommend you contact Pearson VUE to schedule your exam well in advance of your target date. 
  • Then you must complete your exam at a Pearson VUE Test Center on your scheduled exam date.

Exam Results

  • You’ll receive a preliminary score at the test center after you complete your exam (this isn’t your final score).
  • We’ll mail your official score report within two to three weeks after you complete the exam.


If you can’t find answers to your questions in the primary handbook, try searching our FAQssend us a message, or call our Initial Certification Department at 651.687.0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential.