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Candidates and R.T.s are held to stringent ethics standards in order to be eligible for certification and registration.

Standards of Ethics

Both the Code of Ethics (a set of aspirational guidelines) and the Rules of Ethics (mandatory and enforceable standards) are spelled out in the ARRT Standards of Ethics.

Ethics Review Pre-Application

Ethics concerns? Individuals who are considering enrolling in an educational program or who are more than six months in advance of graduation may want to take advantage of the Ethics Review Pre-Application process in order to determine their ethics eligibility. For more information, download and review the information packet and/or consult the frequently-asked questions.

Certification and Registration Application Ethics Requirements

Individuals who apply for a primary pathway to certification and registration must answer three ethics-related questions on the application form. The questions address convictions, courts-martial, disciplinary action by regulatory or other certification boards, and educational honor code violations. Read more about the ethics-related questions on the certification and registration application form.

Renewal of Certification and Registration Ethics Requirements

Every R.T.'s annual renewal of certification and registration procedure requires them to affirm that they have been and remain in compliance with the Standards of Ethics. The Application for Renewal of Certification and Registration requires reporting of any convictions or charges, including pleas of guilty or nolo contendere (no contest), courts-martial, withheld/deferred adjudication, suspended or stayed sentence, and pretrial diversion and any disciplinary action by regulatory or certification boards.

Coming in 2017: Report ethics violations within 30 days

Beginning January 1, 2017, R.T.s will be required to notify ARRT of any potential ethics violation within 30 days of the occurrence or during their annual renewal of certification and registration, whichever comes first.

Ethics Investigations

Possible violations of the Standards of Ethics by certification and registration candidates or R.T.s are formally reviewed as described in Sections B and C of the Standards of Ethics. Individuals who are the subject of ethics investigations are entitled to full due process under the Administrative Procedures of the Standards of Ethics. In order for ARRT to communicate with legal counsel, the individual under investigation must waive and hold ARRT harmless from any legal action for releasing information to the assigned party. Download and print the Authorization, Waiver, and Release form.

At any time during the ethics review process, an individual may request to voluntarily surrender his or her ARRT credentials and accept permanent revocation of ARRT certification and registration. To request a voluntary surrender, the individual must complete the Voluntary Credential Surrender and Sanction Agreement form. The form needs to be signed, notarized and submitted to ARRT, where it will be received and a proposed action recommended to the Ethics Committee for their decision. If the request is accepted, the review process will be discontinued and the individual’s credential will be revoked. If the request is denied, the ethics review will continue. For additional information, please review section (f) in the "Administrative Procedures" portion of the Standards of Ethics.


ARRT imposes sanctions against the certification and registration of individuals who have been found in violation of the Rules of Ethics. Sanctions range from reprimand through several stages of increasing severity up to and including revocation and legal action. Read more about ARRT’s sanctions here.

Individuals under sanction are listed by alphabetical order or by state of last-known residence and may be sorted by time frame. Access the ARRT Sanctioned List.

Ethics FAQs

View Ethics FAQs

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