Primary Pathway Questions

What are the requirements for earning ARRT credentials using the primary pathway?

You must meet requirements in education, ethics, and examination to earn ARRT certification and registration. Learn more about our requirements.

What are the educational requirements for earning ARRT credentials using the primary pathway?

You must complete an ARRT-approved educational program and earn an associate degree or higher. Learn more about our education requirements.

How can I find an ARRT-recognized educational program?

Visit the list of ARRT-recognized educational programs.

Does my associate degree (or higher) have to be in radiological sciences?

No. Your associate's degree (or higher) can be in any subject—as long as you earned it at an institution accredited by an agency that ARRT recognizes. View a list of ARRT-approved accreditation mechanisms and learn more about the associate degree requirement

Should I earn my associate's degree (or higher) before or after I complete a professional educational program?

You can earn your associate's degree (or higher) before, during, or after your professional educational program—but you must earn the degree before you sit for the ARRT exam. Learn more about the associate degree requirement.

How do I apply for ARRT certification and registration using the primary pathway? 

Learn more about applying for ARRT certification and registration using the primary pathway.

Where can I find information on ARRT's examinations

Learn more by visiting our exam information page or by viewing our exam FAQ section.

What are the requirements for maintaining my ARRT credentials?

Learn more about the ongoing requirements for maintaining your ARRT certification and registration.

If you have additional questions, call us at 651.687.0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential. Or, if you have an ARRT account, you can send us a message.