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Want to learn more about specific components of ARRT certification and registration?

To help certification and registration candidates and Registered Technologists (R.T.s) better understand their role in earning and maintaining certification and registration, The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) has created a series of informative videos on a variety of topics. Just click on one of the images below to get started, and check back, as new videos are being added often.

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ARRT joins a growing number of healthcare credentialing organizations in implementing time-limited certifications and developing methods to reassess knowledge at reasonable milestones in a professional’s practice. What is the purpose behind CQR? Who is required to complete the process? What should I expect? Learn about three related components of CQR being developed as part of the recertification process for R.T.s with time-limited certification and registration.
Interested in applying for ARRT certification and registration, but not sure what to expect? Check out this video for a look at the application process. Regardless of which discipline you're planning to become certified in, you'll find great information that answers commonly asked questions.
Efforts to deliver high quality patient care, in step with advancements in medicine and rapidly evolving technologies, require diligence in education and skills training to maintain certification and registration. This video provides an overview of how ARRT’s continuing education (CE) requirements help R.T.s keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date and answers some of the most common questions about CE requirements and reporting.
Patients deserve care from individuals who can be trusted to do the right things, no matter the situation. They should confidently expect that the person performing their exam, procedure or treatment is taking the proper precautions and making conscientious decisions to keep them safe. Through this video, learn more about ethics: what it means to you, to the patients you’ll serve throughout your R.T. career and to employers in the healthcare field. View ethics through the prism of ARRT’s model for certification and registration and overall excellence in the profession.
Nervous about exam day? Knowing what to expect at the test center can greatly reduce any anxiety and provide peace of mind as you approach exam day, enabling you to focus on the exam content, rather than the process. This video will take you through the process, beginning with scheduling your exam, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions heard from candidates.
Why does exam security matter? What happens if someone shares questions and/or answer options for one of ARRT's exams? These questions and more are answered in this video, which provides an example of a possible violation and illustrates the impact on patient safety and on a candidate's career.
Ever wondered how ARRT puts together the exams for each certification and registration? Interested in being a part of the process? "Examine" ARRT's proven process by exploring how exams are generated and scored – and find out how you can help.
Did you know you don't need to be certified and registered in radiography to earn ARRT primary Sonography certification and registration? Learn more about ARRT's comprehensive Sonography certification. This video walks you through the benefits of certification and registration, as well as the education, ethics and examination requirements for being an R.T.(S).
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