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Like many health care credentialing organizations, ARRT limits the duration of your certification and registration. That’s why we’ve developed ways of reassessing your knowledge at reasonable milestones in your practice. Learn about the purposes behind CQR and find out whether—and when—you’re required to complete the process.


After you've watch our overview video, you'll be ready to take a closer look at the three steps of CQR: the professional profile, the structured self-assessment, and prescribed continuing education. This "in-depth look" video goes into detail about each stage of the process and what to expect along the way.

Applying For ARRT Certification and Registration

Interested in applying for ARRT certification and registration, but not sure what to expect? Check out this video for a look at the application process. No matter the discipline in which you’re seeking certification and registration, you’ll find great information that answers common questions.

ARRT Ethics Requirements

Patients deserve care from professionals who can be trusted to do the right things, no matter the situation. Patients should expect that the person performing their exam, procedure, or treatment is taking the proper precautions and making conscientious decisions to keep them safe. Through this video, learn more about ethics: what it means to you, to the patients you’ll serve throughout your R.T. career, and to employers in the health care field. See how ethics relates to ARRT’s model for certification and registration and to overall excellence in the profession.

Exam Development

Ever wonder how ARRT puts together our certification and registration exams? Would you like to be part of the process? Examine ARRT’s proven process by exploring how we generate and score exams—and find out how you can help.

What To Expect on Exam Day

Nervous about exam day? Knowing what to expect at the test center can greatly reduce anxiety and provide peace of mind as you approach exam day. That lets you focus on the exam content, rather than the process. This video will take you through the process, beginning with scheduling your exam, and answer some of the most common questions we hear from candidates.


We take the confidentiality of our examinations very seriously. Be aware of the potential consequences of violating either the candidate agreement on your application form or the nondisclosure agreement that precedes your exam at the test center. Learn more about what’s OK to share—and what isn’t—regarding your ARRT exam.


Continuing Education Requirements

To deliver high quality patient care, keep up with advancements in medicine and rapidly evolving technologies, and maintain your certification and registration, you’ll need continuing education and skills training. This video discusses how ARRT’s continuing education (CE) requirements help you keep you knowledge and skills up to date. It also answers some common questions about CE requirements and reporting.

A Guide to Sonography Certification

Did you know you don’t need certification and registration in Radiography to earn certification and registration in Sonography using the primary pathway? Learn more about our comprehensive Sonography certification in this video. It walks you through the benefits of certification and registration and discusses the education, ethics, and examination requirements for being an R.T.(S).