Verify Credentials

This directory is the primary source for verifying a Registered Technologist’s certification and registration status, and is updated daily. It includes those who:

  • Are currently certified and registered
  • Are on Continuing Education (CE) probation
  • Have a sanctioned status
  • Are ineligible for certification and registration

We don’t display new credentials for people who recently took examinations until the score results are final.

Note: ARRT no longer issues annual seals. Use this directory to verify current status instead. 

Enter your search criteria

Enter at least a few characters of the person’s first and last names.

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Search Tips

  • Enter at least a few characters of the last name.
  • You may enter a full first name or enter the first few letters of the first name.
  • Don’t include titles (Mr., Mrs.) or credentials (Ph.D., R.T.).
  • The search isn’t case sensitive. 
  • If your search doesn’t return the results you were looking for, ensure you are spelling the last name correctly; this database only finds exact matches for last names.  

What to Do If Someone Isn’t Listed

If you can’t find a listing for someone, that person might not be certified and registered or might have requested exclusion from this directory.

To obtain verification for someone who isn’t listed, call 651.687.0048, ext. 8901. Be prepared to provide two personal identifiers for the individual you’re seeking to verify (e.g., the person’s ARRT identification number, Social Security number, or date of birth).

What to Do If a Listing Doesn’t Show Credentials

If the person you’re attempting to verify is listed, but the status column doesn’t display any credentials, call 651.687.0048, ext. 8580, for additional information.