Radiologist Assistant Program Recognition

ARRT began awarding the Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.) credential in 2005, and since then hundreds of qualified technologists nationwide have earned the credential. They completed rigorous educational programs, and have documented their didactic knowledge and clinical competence.

At ARRT, we believe the role of an R.R.A. is critical to helping medical facilities provide timely, high quality care. R.R.A.s take on selected work that radiologists would otherwise have to complete. Because employers have high expectations of R.R.A.s, ARRT in turn has high expectations of the programs that educate future R.R.A.s. 

One of the requirements for earning an R.R.A. credential is to complete an ARRT-recognized radiologist assistant educational program. Upon entering a program, students are eager to learn and ready for challenging coursework. They expect their educational programs to help them meet ARRT's R.R.A. certification and registration requirements and to prepare for employment. 

If your institution is interested in ARRT recognition for your program, review our R.R.A. program recognition information and application packet to learn more. You’ll find:

  • General information on program expectations
  • A statement of understanding/agreement for your institution to sign
  • A list of required supporting documents
  • An application narrative that requires explanations of how your program will comply with ARRT requirements

If you have specific questions, call us at 651.687.0048 and ask for our Director of Education Requirements.