These questions and answers will help you understand whether a situation might result in a violation of ARRT’s exam security requirements. Remember that exam misconduct can result in an ARRT ethics investigation—and even a criminal or civil lawsuit. If you have questions about exam security, call us at 651.687.0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential.


May I talk about a specific exam item with my instructor or another candidate?

No. You can’t reveal ARRT’s copyrighted items or answer options to anyone. As a candidate, you’ll sign numerous documents stating that you won’t share exam items. We expect you to abide by those contracts.

May I talk about the exam format with another candidate? 

Yes. This is OK because the subject is public information noted in our certification and registration handbook. Just be sure to limit the conversation to publicly available information. 

I didn’t understand a particular question on the exam. May I ask other candidates whether they understood it?

No. All questions and answer options are copyrighted material. You can’t discuss that material with anyone.

I advised another candidate to bring a sweater to the test site because it was cold there. Did I break a rule?

No. You were simply telling the person about the test center environment, not revealing any ARRT items or answer options.

If a candidate asks me whether there were a lot of questions on a specific topic, should I answer?

No. That conversation would violate both the ARRT Standards of Ethics and the legal contract  you signed. If someone asks you to reveal ARRT’s items or answer options, refer that person to the content specifications published on our website. Advise him or her of the consequences of revealing ARRT copyrighted material.


Is it OK to ask my student for feedback on an ARRT exam?

Only if your question relates to your student’s general experience. For example, you could ask a student, “Did you find the exam difficult?” Be cautious, however, because the candidate could misinterpret your question as a request for copyrighted information.