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ARRT to End Partial Continuing Education (CE) Credit

Starting Jan. 1, 2022, ARRT will change a policy concerning continuing education (CE) activities. The change affects R.T.s and CE sponsors. It applies to events such as in-person talks and webinars, at which attendance, rather than a test afterward, verifies completion.

After the change, R.T.s will receive credit only if they attend all of an approved CE activity. In the past, we required CE sponsors to award only partial credit for learners who attended part of a CE activity. In the future, people who miss part of a CE activity will receive no credit.   

“ARRT wants R.T.s to have the opportunity to learn all the material being presented, so it’s important that they attend full CE activities,” says J.J. Powell, Director of Education Requirements. “CE sponsors should be aware of the policy and of their responsibility to enforce it when awarding credit for CE activities they sponsor.”  

When Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanisms (RCEEMs) or state licensing agencies (SLAs) evaluate a CE activity, they determine how much CE credit to award for the full content. If a CE activity doesn’t run for the entire RCEEM/SLA-allotted time—but the presenter delivers all content—the CE sponsor will award full credit for the activity and report the time shortage to the RCEEM or SLA that approved the activity. 

CE sponsors must ensure that their CE activities meet ARRT’s policies. Presenters must deliver content in a manner consistent with the information they provide to the RCEEM or SLA when requesting approval for the activity. If ARRT identifies recurring trends in which a CE sponsor’s activities don’t meet ARRT requirements, we’ll investigate the issues.