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ARRT Seeks Comments on Proposed Bone Densitometry Equipment Operator Changes

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is looking for help from state licensing agencies and professionals working as bone densitometry equipment operators. We encourage you to review the proposed changes to the Bone Densitometry Equipment Operator Examination Content Specifications.

Our goal is to produce comprehensive, accurate, and fair documents that cover the knowledge and cognitive skills required of bone densitometrists. ARRT’s examinations are job-related. That is, we only include topics if knowledge of those topics relates directly to a clinical activity typically required in one’s job. A survey of possible tasks and procedures was sent to 1,000 current bone densitometrists to determine these topics. Results from this survey were used to update the content specifications.

ARRT’s Bone Densitometry Practice Analysis Committee (composed of subject matter experts from throughout the nation) began working on these documents in March 2020 and will complete work on them this spring. After that, ARRT’s Board of Trustees will review the proposed changes. The revised Bone Densitometry Equipment Operator Examination Content Specifications have a scheduled implementation date of January 1, 2023.


In the Patient Care section, more details were added to bone health and patient education and patient preparation. Operator ergonomics and infection control were added.

In the Image Production section, additional content was added to DXA systems.

In the Procedures section, additional content was added to DXA scanning of the lumbar spine, proximal femur, and forearm.


We invite you to review the documents below and provide feedback through on online survey (live until April 2, 2021). The survey is the official method by which we track feedback. The Bone Densitometry Practice Analysis Committee will review all comments and may make additional changes based on your feedback.

Note: In the drafts, additions are in blue and deletions are in strikethrough red.


If you have questions about how the proposed changes may affect your eligibility for certification and registration in Bone Densitometry, call our Initial Certification Department at 651.681.0048. Choose the option for earning an ARRT credential.

Thank you for your contribution to this important project.