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No More Annual Seals

September 2016

ARRT has changed its rationale for issuing seals and certificates to Registered Technologists (R.T.s).

In the past, we issued a certificate when you satisfied your initial requirements for certification and registration. We sent a new gold seal when you renewed your certification and registration each year. The certificate and seals indicated that your credentials were up to date.

Now that we’re moving to electronic transactions, however, we’ve determined that:

  • A certificate indicates only that you met the requirements for obtaining your initial certification and registration in that discipline.
  • R.T.s no longer need to receive annual seals.

Our online directory is now the definitive source of any R.T.’s certification and registration status. Employers and others who need accurate and timely verification of your credentials should visit or call 651.687.0048, extension 8540.

As you renew your certification and registration over the next year, you’ll receive your final seal for that discipline.

Place the final seal on all certificates earned December 31, 2010 or earlier. If you earned a certificate on or after January 1, 2011, (includes the CQR requirement), a new certificate will be mailed to you.

You’ll continue to receive a certificate if you obtain initial certification and registration in a new discipline.