If you have (or think you might have) violated ARRT’s Rules of Ethics, you’ll need to report the potential violation by doing one of the following:

  • Submit an ethics review preapplication form (if you have more than six months left in your program or are not yet enrolled in a program).
  • Answer the ethics questions on your application and send supporting material (if you’ve graduated from a program or have fewer than six months left in your program). 
  • Report your ethics violation within 30 days of its occurrence if you are already an R.T. Log into your account for more information. 

When gathering the supporting documentation you’ll submit, use one of the following as a guide:

Our Ethics Committee will review your submission and might begin a more in-depth investigation. If the committee determines that you’ve committed an ethics violation that warrants sanction, you might be ineligible to apply for a set period of time. 

Contact our Ethics Requirements Department at 651.687.0048, ext. 8580, if you have questions. 

Although reporting aN ethics violation might worry you—

It’s always the right decision. In most cases, failing to report a potential violation brings consequences more severe than those for the violation itself.

People who report potential problems usually don’t receive ineligible or revocation sanctions—

Of 2,093 alleged ethics violations investigated in 2018, only 29 cases (1.4 percent) resulted in revocation of an R.T.’s certification and registration.