Requirements For Earning ARRT Credentials

Earning ARRT certification and registration is challenging, yet very achievable. It will take time and commitment—but your hard work will pay off. With an ARRT credential, you’ll have confidence that you're providing high levels of patient care. You’ll be proud of your accomplishments and the level at which you can perform. Employers and patients take note, too—your ARRT credential confirms your qualifications.  

In order to earn ARRT certification and registration, you'll need to meet our three requirements (education, ethics, and examination). Learn more about each requirement below. 



The first step toward ARRT certification and registration is education. The education requirements will differ depending on whether you are pursuing a credential using the primary, postprimary, or R.R.A. pathway. Learn more about our education requirements



To become a candidate for certification and registration, you must demonstrate good moral character. Learn more about our ethics requirements and how you can request a ethics review preapplication. 


After you meet the education and ethics requirements, you’ll need to pass an exam before earning ARRT credentials. Learn more about our examination requirement—as well as how we creates exams, what to expect on exam day, and what happens after the exam.