What is ARRT Certification And Registration?

If you’re considering a career as a technologist in the radiologic sciences, ARRT credentials can help you stand out among job candidates. In some cases, employers require our certification and registration. But what exactly is it? And why is it so important? 

ARRT certification and registration recognizes people who satisfy certain professional standards for medical imaging, interventional procedures, or radiation therapy.

Employers, state licensing agencies, and federal regulators all consider an ARRT credential to be verification that you've met those standards.

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More than 330,000 technologists hold ARRT credentials. 


Many employers require their technologists to hold ARRT certification and registration. Even when doing so isn’t a job prerequisite, however, having ARRT credentials tells employers that you’re committed to providing high quality patient care. 

On a personal level, you’ll gain knowledge, skills, and confidence as you work toward certification and registration. Once you become a Registered Technologist (R.T.), you’ll continue to grow professionally as you complete the requirements to maintain certification and registration.

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You can earn ARRT certification and registration in a range of disciplines and through different pathways. Learn more: 

Credential Options

To be eligible for ARRT certification and registration, you must meet our education, ethics, and examination requirements.