Ethics is one of the three components—Education, Ethics, and Examination—that comprise the ARRT Equation for Excellence. It’s also one element of ARRT’s definition of being qualified. ARRT’s Ethics Requirements identify people who have internalized a set of professional values that cause them to act in the best interests of patients. 

ARRT’s Standards of Ethics is comprised of both the Code of Ethics, which serves as an aspirational guide to maintaining a high level of ethical conduct, and the Rules of Ethics, which are enforceable mandatory standards of minimally acceptable professional conduct for all R.T.s and candidates. The Rules of Ethics are intended to promote the protection, safety, and comfort of patients. 

The Ethics Requirements Department staff at ARRT are comprised of administrative, paralegal, and supervisory professionals, several of whom are R.T.s. Ethics staff review each alleged violation of the Standards of Ethics. They support ARRT’s mission of promoting high standards of patient care by removing or restricting the use of the credential by those who exhibit behavior inconsistent with the requirements. Supporting ARRT’s mission includes supporting the Ethics Committee and assisting R.T.s and candidates in navigating the ethics review process. Ethics staff also coordinate with educators and students in facilitating tours of ARRT.


  • Very few individuals are revoked. In 2019, ARRT completed 2,164 ethics reviews. Of those cases, only 33 (less than 2%) resulted in revocation of certification and registration.
  • Visit our website.  You’ll find an Ethics Violation Reporting Form (to self-report or report someone else) and frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you can’t find an answer in the FAQ, call the office and an Ethics staff member will walk you through the reporting process. Although we aren’t members of the Ethics Committee, we know what the Committee needs to conduct your review. 
  • Please keep your address on file with ARRT current. If we mail you a letter requesting additional information, please respond with all items requested. Failing to update your address or omitting requested information will delay your ethics review.