Following are the most frequently asked questions—along with answers—asked of the ARRT call centers in the last month.

Q. Why is my structured education submission listed as “inadequate?”

The fastest way to learn why your structured education submission is listed as inadequate is to visit the structured education page in your online tools. Scroll down to the section entitled Details of Your Reported Activities. Then go to the Status field on the right and hover your cursor over the word Inadequate. There you’ll see the reason/s why your submission was listed as inadequate.

Q. I want to earn another credential. What must I do? 

To begin the process to earn another credential, log into your online account, click Complete Business, then click Pursue Postprimary, select the Discipline, and then click on the Start Online Documentation Link.

Since updates to Mammography Clinical Experience Requirements took effect on July 1, 2020, there’ve been many calls about these new requirements. Frequent questions are below:

Q. Where can I find more information on these requirements? 

These requirements are based on the 2018 American College of Radiology (ACR) Mammography Quality Control Manual, which provides more information. Each procedure is detailed, including purpose, performance frequency, and an explanation of steps required. 

Q. What is Compression Thickness Indicator? Is it different from Compression Force? 

Compression Thickness is a monthly procedure and measures that the compression is within tolerance, and Compression Force is performed every six months to ensure adequate compression is maintained throughout the scan. More details can be found here

Q. What is Acquisition Workstation Monitor Quality Control? 

This is a monthly test performed on the Acquisition Monitor to ensure that it’s clean of dust and fingerprints, that it’s calibrated correctly, and that the monitor meets manufacturer specifications. For more information please go here.

Q. I don’t work at an ACR facility. Do I have to perform all these procedures? 

These procedures may be performed even if your facility does not report them to ACR. It’s important to become familiar with all these tasks because there’ll be questions covering the procedures on your examination. Additionally, in the future your facility may seek ACR recognition, or you may move to a facility that is ACR-recognized. 

Q. Does the renewal extension for COVID-19 also give me extra time to complete my continuing education (CE) credits?

The renewal extension is for completing your online renewal process only, not for extending the time to complete biennial CE.

Q. Where can I see my annual renewal period, my CE biennium, and my Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR) information?

When you log into your ARRT account you will automatically land on your dashboard. There you can see your deadlines for your annual renewal, your CE biennium date range, and information on your CQR timelines.