Examination Information

The final step on your way to becoming certified and registered with ARRT is to take an examination in your discipline. Our exams measure your cognitive skills and knowledge of the tasks typically performed by entry-level radiologic technologists. 

Our exams are challenging, yet fair. We created them with help from industry experts around the country, including Registered Technologists (R.T.s) in your desired discipline.

 About The Exam

We develop each exam so that it accurately assesses the knowledge of our candidates. Learn more about our exams, including how we create them, their format, and exam statistics.


  Taking The Exam

Although test-taking can be stressful, knowing what to expect on exam day can help you feel more prepared. In this section, you’ll learn more about taking the exam and find information on test centers, security, and ADA accommodation requests.

  After the Exam

Learn more about what happens after you take the exam: when to expect your final score, what to do if you fail, how many attempts you have, and more.