To be eligible for ARRT certification and registration using the primary pathway or for ARRT certification and registration as a Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.), you must—within the past three years*—have successfully completed a program of formal education that's accredited by a mechanism ARRT accepts.

But there’s more to the three-year* limit than getting an application in under the wire. You must establish eligibility for ARRT certification and registration by:

  1. Submitting a complete application form and appropriate fee
  2. Undergoing an ethics review, if necessary**
  3. Receiving an assigned examination window in the form of a Candidate Status Report

If you aren't deemed eligible within three years*, you must requalify by once again completing the professional educational requirements (including demonstrating didactic and clinical competencies) and ethics requirements.

* Note: If you graduated from an educational program before Jan.1, 2013, you have five years to establish eligibility for ARRT certification and registration. If you graduated after Dec. 31, 2012, you have three years to establish  eligibility.

** If you answer yes to an ethics-related question on the certification and registration application, you must submit documents for an ethics review. That review could take several months, so you should apply as soon as you can.

There's Also A 'Three Attempts In Three Years' Rule

You are only allowed three exam attempts during the three years after you complete your educational program. Learn more about this rule and what to do if you aren't able to meet this requirement.