Education is vital in preparing you to become a radiologic technologist. It’s also one of the three components in ARRT’s equation for excellence—and it provides the foundation of knowledge and experience you’ll need to take an ARRT exam.

You must meet a range of education requirements to earn an initial credential from ARRT.

Associate Degree

You must earn an associate degree (or higher) from an institution accredited by an accreditation agency that ARRT recognizes. The degree doesn’t have to be in the radiologic sciences, and you can earn it before or after graduating from your radiological sciences educational program. 

Educational Program

To be eligible for ARRT certification and registration using a primary pathway, you must complete an educational program in the same discipline. That includes demonstrating competencies in didactic coursework and clinical procedures. At the end of your program, your Program Director will report to ARRT whether you’ve met the requirements. You’ll have three years after completing your program to establish eligibility and apply for ARRT certification and registration. 

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If you have questions, we’re here to help. Contact our Initial Certification Department at 651.687.0048, ext. 8560. You can also review our primary certification and registration FAQs