As you work toward completing your educational program, it’s smart to think ahead. Once you’re in the workforce, is there a certain area in which you’d like to specialize? Have you thought about how you can stand out among other job candidates?

If so, now is the time to consider pursuing ARRT certification and registration. Obtaining ARRT credentials helps you build the skills and confidence you’ll need to perform your best on the job. It also shows employers and patients that you’re committed to providing the highest level of care possible.  

Learn More About Earning Credentials

Learn more about the five disciplines in which you can earn credentials using the primary pathway:

On those pages, you’ll find information to guide you through the certification and registration process. You can download our primary handbook and discipline-specific documents, including our Didactic and Clinical Competency Requirements, Task Inventories, Practice Analysis Reports and Content Specifications. 

To obtain certification and registration in any of our disciplines, you must first meet requirements in education, ethics, and examination. If you have questions along the way, we’re here to help. Visit our primary credentials FAQs page, or call our Initial Certification Department at 651.687.0048, ext. 8560.