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Annual Renewal of Certification and Registration

R.T.s must annually renew certification and registration in order to remain qualified to use the R.T. designation.

Renewal Timing

Upon initial certification and registration, individuals are certified and registered through the end of their next birth month (except when that period is less than two months, in which case certification and registration continues through the birth month of the following year).

The annual renewal deadline is 12 midnight at the end of the last day of the R.T.'s birth month.

General Eligibility Requirements

Successful renewal of certification and registration requires that the individual has been and remains in compliance with the ARRT Rules and Regulations and ARRT Standards of Ethics and that they have fulfilled their CE responsibilities as defined in the Continuing Education Requirements.

Renewing a post-primary discipline certification and registration requires the applicant to maintain certification and registration in at least one of the supporting categories required to establish eligibility for initial certification and registration. View the overall supporting-category structure.

Biennial Continuing Education (CE) Reporting

CE reporting is a mandatory requirement for renewal of certification and registration every two years. A registrant's two-year CE reporting period, or biennium, begins on the first day of the birth month and extends for two years to the end of the month before the birth month. All CE credits to be reported must be completed between these dates, so credits earned in one biennium cannot be carried forward into the next biennium. Learn more about CE reporting procedures.

Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR) Reporting for Time-Limited Certifications and Registrations (Earned 1/1/11 and Beyond)

Certifications and registrations earned January 1, 2011, and beyond are time-limited to 10 years. Individuals renewing certification and registration at that time must have fulfilled Continuing Qualifications Requirements in addition to biennial CE requirements. Certifications and registrations earned prior to January 1, 2011, are exempt. Click for more information on the CQR.


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Annual Fees

Fees for renewing certification and registration are $25 for the first discipline and $15 each for any additional disciplines in which the individual is certified and registered. If an individual is renewing a post-primary discipline without an ARRT-supporting category (i.e., NMTCB, ARDMS), the cost is $40 for one discipline and $15 each for any additional disciplines.

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