How ARRT Works With CE Sponsors

Continuing education (CE) is a vital part of maintaining ARRT certification and registration. Each year, hundreds of thousands of our R.T.s search for—or receive prescriptions for—educational activities.

Specifically, our registrants must complete:

  • 24 CE credits every two years 
  • 50 credits if they’re Registered Radiologist Assistants
  • Structured education credits if they pursue additional credentials using our postprimary pathway

In addition, some will receive CE prescriptions when they complete their Continuing Qualifications Requirements every 10 years.

A Large, Motivated Audience

We offer our more than 330,000 R.T.s a variety of RCEEM-approved CE activities to choose from, based on their specific needs. That means CE sponsors have a great opportunity to present their courses to a motivated audience. The CE sponsors we work with have access to our CE Sponsor Suite, to which they can quickly and easily upload their RCEEM-approved CE activities. Once we review the courses, we integrate them into our searchable online CE database, which R.T.s use to find approved activities. The database provides direct links to our sponsors’ courses, making it easy for R.T.s to find the activities they need. 

Learn More
Are you a CE provider looking to work with ARRT? Before you submit your activity information to us, a RCEEM (or approved state licensing agency) must approve them. You must also verify that your activities meet our CE requirements. Take a look at our CE policy statement to learn more. If you have questions about our CE sponsor requirements or about how to submit your activities, contact us at 651.687.0048.