As an R.T., you’ll probably have chances to attend training from medical equipment vendors. When this type of training takes place at your facility, we call it "facility applications training." In such training, you learn how to use new types of medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment.

Facility applications training can count toward your continuing education (CE) for your biennial CE, prescribed CE as a result of Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR), and structured education if you’re working toward an additional ARRT credential. However, there are limits on how many facility applications training credits you can use.


You can apply no more than eight Category A credits of facility applications training to:

  • Your CE requirement each biennium
  • Prescribed education for any CQR compliance period
  • Structured education for any new credential

These limits apply no matter how many units of CE the vendor gives you. 

Limits on facility applications training credits apply only to applications training that takes place at your facility. These restriction don't apply to applications training that takes place at a vendor's location, as a webinar, online, or in user meetings.

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