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examination FAQs

Do you have any sample/practice exam questions, or are there any study guides that you recommend?

Can I get my exam results online?

How are ARRT exams scored?

When will I get my examination results?

How do I make an appointment to take my exam?

I'm preparing to take a post-primary exam, and I need study materials. Can you help me?

I did not receive my scores at the test center. How do I get them?

The person next to me was typing loudly. I feel this affected the way I tested and do not feel my score is accurate. What are my options?

Will ARRT provide a way to practice taking computer-based tests?

How do I apply for an examination window extension?

Do I need to bring my status report and a picture to turn in to the test center?

I was busy making notes on my note board and did not realize that I only had two minutes to respond to the Non-Disclosure Agreement. The computer locked up and I was not able to complete my test. What are my options?

I presented a military card for my government-issued photo ID, but it was not accepted and I was unable to test. Why was I turned away?

The power went out briefly during my exam and I was able to complete my exam from where it stopped. I think I should be able to complete the exam over at no cost. Can I?

The weather was bad, causing me to arrive 30 minutes late for my exam appointment, and the test center administrator won't let me take my exam.

How do I know if my exam application has been processed?

My exam appointment is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon but I can't make it. What do I do?

The test center would not let me use my own calculator for my exam.

How does ARRT develop new examination questions?

The VUE test center administrator told me I couldn't write on my note board until my exam started. I don't understand.

English is my second language and I need more time for taking my exam. What do I need to do?

How can I get a handbook for Primary applications?

The test center turned me away due to improper identification. What do I do to get a new appointment?

I arrived for my exam today and was told at the test center that my appointment was for last week. I know I rescheduled it for today. What are my options?

Does ARRT publish complete information about its examinations?

How can I get a handbook or application for post-primary certification and registration?

My status report indicates that my exam window ends at the end of this month. I am not able to schedule before my window ends because I cannot get off work. What can I do?

My name on my ID did not match my name on my Candidate Status Report and I was not allowed to test. What do I do next?

Can I fax a request to the ARRT for an extension of my window?

My window ends on a Saturday (or Sunday or holiday), and I need to extend it. Can my letter arrive at the ARRT on Monday?

Will test centers be able to handle the number of examinees wishing to test at all times?

How do I know if my exam window extension has been processed?

There were issues at the test center during my exam which I feel had a negative impact on my examination. How do I file an appeal?

Can examinees comment about examination items at the time of exam?

I have an ADA-qualifying disability and would like accommodations for taking my exam. What do I need to do?

What if technical glitches occur with the computer during the test administration?

What are the qualifications of the individuals responsible for developing the ARRT examinations?

How are content specifications developed and modified?

Does the examination relate to the requirements of professional practice?

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