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ARRT designs and administers a national certification and registration testing program for a wide range of medical imaging, interventional procedure, and radiation therapy disciplines. In addition, ARRT offers similar services to state agencies for their state licensing purposes.

Exam Security

ARRT takes exam security very seriously. No one wants a loved one to receive care from an individual who “passed” the ARRT exam because they got a sneak peek at questions and memorized the answers. Read more about exam security.

Test Design

ARRT constructs tests based on a rigorous set of procedures designed to ensure consistent quality. Consultants from the profession provide the content expertise. Read more about the three major steps — defining content, writing items, and assembling forms.

Test Format and Length

ARRT exams are administered on computers and feature mostly multiple-choice questions, often called items. Candidates are offered a tutorial at the beginning of each exam to ensure that they are familiar with the process and item formats. Time allowed for a candidate to complete an exam is based upon the total number of questions, which comprise both scored items and pilot items; additional time is provided for completing the tutorial, non-disclosure agreement, and post-exam survey. Learn more about the format and length of ARRT exams.

Test Centers

ARRT computer-based testing services are provided at more than 200 professional test centers operated by Pearson VUE, the electronic testing business of NCS Pearson, Inc. The test centers are located in the U.S. and several international locations. Read more about Pearson VUE test centers.

Testing Accommodations

ARRT complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides reasonable testing accommodations to candidates who demonstrate that they have an ADA-qualifying disability. Learn about how candidates can qualify for testing accommodations.

Test Administration Appeal

Candidates are entitled to fairly administered exams in comfortable and safe environments. Anyone who believes an exam administration substantially deviated from normal testing procedures may — within a strict time period — request a review.

Exam Scoring

Scientific measures and sophisticated software ensure that ARRT exam scoring is fair and accurate. Read more about how scores are arrived at and how results are communicated.

Score Reporting

ARRT candidates see a preliminary scaled score on their computer screen after completing the review portion of their exam, however final scores and certification results take two to three weeks. Learn more about the difference.

Exam Statistics

ARRT annually publishes statistics of its primary and post-primary exams. Click to see volume and scoring reports from recent years.


Examination FAQs
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