Working in Radiation Therapy

Radiologists and radiation oncologists often prescribe radiation therapy for patients who have cancer or other serious diseases. As a radiation therapist, you’ll be part of an interdisciplinary team of oncologists, medical physicists, and oncology nurses. You’ll work with the team to plan and administer treatments, and you’ll help monitor each patient’s condition. 

Your skills and knowledge will be vital in providing treatment. In addition, you’ll support patients as they go through radiation therapy. Dealing with a serious disease is usually a challenging and frightening experience. Having a skilled and caring radiation therapist can make a great deal of difference.  


GET STARTED On Your Credential

Earning ARRT credentials can help you stand out among job candidates. To obtain certification and registration in Radiation Therapy using the primary pathway, you must fulfill requirements in education, ethics, and examination. You’ll also have to complete the application process successfully. 

To prepare, review these Radiation Therapy documents: 


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