At ARRT, education is part of our equation for excellence. We rely on accreditation agencies (sometimes called mechanisms) to determine the quality of educational institutions, their programs, and their courses. Below is a list of ARRT-approved accreditation mechanisms. 

As part of the requirements for ARRT certification and registration, you’ll need to complete an ARRT-approved educational program and an academic degree (associate's or higher) that is accredited by one of the mechanisms listed on this page. You must complete your program and degree on or after the dates specified in the chart. (Those are the dates on which ARRT recognized the accrediting mechanisms.) You only need to earn an academic degree if you complete your professional education on or after Jan.1, 2015. 

Once you’ve earned an ARRT credential, you have the option of taking an academic course as a part of your Continuing Education Requirements. If you do, the academic institution offering the course must be accredited by one of the agencies on this page.  

ARRT_Recognized Accred Mechanisms  Chart_FINAL

If you’re a Program Director looking to gain accreditation for your program, contact any of the organizations above for more information. 

If your organization is interested in becoming an ARRT-approved accreditation mechanism, contact us at 651.687.0048.