Primary Eligibility Pathway Requirements

The primary eligibility pathway is how the majority of people earn their first ARRT credential. It includes completing an ARRT-approved educational program. You can earn credentials in the following disciplines using this pathway:

  Magnetic Resonance Imaging*
  Nuclear Medicine Technology
  Radiation Therapy
  Vascular Sonography*

*You can earn an MRI or Vascular Sonography credential using the primary or postprimary eligibility pathway.

Education Requirement

In order to meet the education requirement for the primary pathway, you must have:
  • Earned an associate's degree or higher
  • Completed an ARRT-approved educational program in the same discipline as the credential you are pursuing

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ethics Requirement

To become a candidate for certification and registration, you must demonstrate good moral character. Learn more about our ethics requirements and how you can request an ethics review preapplication. 

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Examination Requirement

After you meet the education and ethics requirements, you’ll need to pass an exam before earning ARRT credentials. Learn more about our examination requirement—as well as how we create exams, what to expect on exam day, and what happens after the exam.  

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