Structured education is a vital component of certification and registration using the postprimary pathway. Its purpose is to help you master the discipline-specific knowledge you’ll need to obtain your credential. 

When pursuing a credential using the postprimary pathway, you must complete 16 hours of structured education that: 

  • Reflects the Examination Content Specifications for the discipline you’re pursuing 
  • Includes at least one credit from each of the document’s major content categories 

Structured education activities must meet the same criteria as those that comply with your biennial CE requirements. In other words, a RCEEM, RCEEM+, or State Licensing Agency must approve the activity, and/or the activity must be an academic course from an institution accredited by an ARRT-recognized agency. You’ll need to complete your structured education requirements within the 24 months before you submit your postprimary application. 

After you finish each activity, you'll log in to your ARRT account and use our postprimary tool to document your structured education. We typically review and approve submissions within two business days. Occasionally, additional time is necessary. 


You can also use your structured education activities to help fulfill your biennial CE requirements.