Clinical experience is an important step on the postprimary pathway to obtaining an ARRT credential. To successfully complete your clinical experience requirements, you must perform and document a specific number of clinical procedures (the activities depend on your discipline). You’ll need to complete the activities before you apply for certification and registration, and you must perform them no more than 24 months before you submit your application. 

As you progress, use our online clinical experience tool to document the procedures you’ve done and request that verifiers confirm your work. 


If you’re just beginning to pursue a postprimary credential, use the current Clinical Experience Requirements documents listed below. 

If we list two sets of requirements, check the effective date on the newer ones. You can’t start logging procedures under the old requirements if the effective date on the newer ones has passed. 

If you started logging procedures before the newer requirements went into effect, however, you can continue—without losing any procedures—until the older requirements expire. That’s 24 months after the effective date of the newest requirements. 

If you’re logging procedures on the older requirements, and you wish to switch to the new ones, you’ll have to delete the old worksheet and select the discipline again to start the new worksheet. If you go this route, your procedures won’t transfer.