Earning R.R.A. Credentials

The demand for radiology services increases every year. To offer patients timely access to high quality care, many medical facilities look to registered radiologist assistants (R.R.A.s). R.R.A.s are radiographers who’ve completed specialized educational programs and have earned certification and registration through ARRT. They’re qualified to perform many procedures that a radiologist would otherwise have to do, and they play an important role on the medical team. 


To apply for the R.R.A. credential, you’ll have to:

  • Meet the R.R.A. education requirements:
    • Earn a bachelor’s degree
    • Be certified and registered with ARRT in Radiography
    • Have at least one year of acceptable clinical experience in radiography
    • Complete an ARRT-approved radiologist assistant educational program (including both didactic and clinical education competency requirements)
  • Maintain compliance with ARRT’s ethics requirements
  • Pass ARRT’s R.R.A. exam

Learn More

You can find detailed information about earning an R.R.A. credential using your ARRT online account. (If you’re a student, you’ll be eligible for an online account as soon as your earn your first ARRT credential.) If you’d like to learn more now, review the R.R.A. documents below or call us at 651.687.0048, ext. 8560. 


If you are an Radiology Practitioner Assistant (RPA) and are interested in becoming an R.R.A., you'll need to meet different requirements and complete a different application than what is listed on this page. Learn more about the RPA to R.R.A. pathway.