Exam Production Associate

About This Position

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is seeking an organized and detail-oriented individual to join our team as an Exam Production Associate. This position is in our Examination Requirements and Psychometrics Department.

As Exam Production Associate, you’ll be an important part of the team that creates ARRT certification and registration exams.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Item Bank
Part of our exam development process involves creating a bank of potential questions (called items) and assessing each item’s potential for inclusion on our exams. Your responsibilities in this area would include:

  • Enter newly accepted items into item banks; proof and make revisions as needed
  • Determine item and image needs and resource requirements
  • Update item banks following committee meetings
  • Monitor item bank (item codes, illustration, item comments)
  • Periodically review and update item banks
  • Facilitate individual and group review of items
  • Produce various item bank reports as needed
  • Prints weekly examinee comment reports

Item Writers
We rely on qualified external individuals to write items for possible inclusion in our exams. Your responsibilities in this area would include:

  • Help recruit item writers
  • Send materials and related documentation to newly appointed item writers
  • Assist with item writer training
  • Prepare correspondence and assist others in department with item writer correspondence
  • Maintain item writer records of items received
  • Maintain item writer and committee reviewer records
  • Maintain item writer user roles and permissions
  • Oversee copywriting of item writer
  • Arrange for payment to item writers; track items received, and fees paid

Planning and Coordination of Exam Development

  • Coordinate with Exam Production and Quality Control Coordinator (EPQCC) to produce schedules for exam committee meetings
  • Work with Exam Development Coordinator to determine exam development-related materials
  • Ensure that all documentation related to exam development is completed and filed in a permanent record
  • Observe and suggest possible improvements to process based on observed best practices among Exam Development Coordinator's
  • Act as substitute EPQCC when needed (upon completion of one-year training period)
  • Generate exam through Compile & View and produce other necessary documents
  • Review Compile & View exam and other documents
  • Assist with other activities related to form production

Exam Forms

  • Prepare final draft of exam form
  • Assist with exam committee meeting follow-up activities
  • Proof exam to ensure all changes made during committee meeting is reflected in final draft

Content Specifications, Clinicals, and Task Inventories

  • Create word processing documents for new examination programs
  • Update, revise, and maintain documents for existing examination programs; proof all changes to documents
  • Convert documents to other formats (e.g., text files, PDF files) as required for ARRT publications (examinee handbooks) and website; verify accuracy of conversions
  • Ensures that website versions of documents are accurate and up-to-date
  • Oversee copyrighting of practice analysis reports and discipline specific documents

Department Support

  • Evaluate inquiries and respond or direct to other staff for response
  • Conducts rescores as requested by candidates
  • Prepares written correspondence for department director, exam development coordinators, and other team members
  • Proofread correspondence and reports for department
  • Post outgoing mail as needed and distribute incoming mail daily
  • Coordinate mailings associated with surveys and other projects
  • Maintain correspondence files
  • Maintain exam committee library (order books as requested, record receipt in database; shelve books)
  • Prepare Annual Report of Examinations
  • Perform other duties as assigned


Minimum qualifications

  • Associates degree or higher
  • Two years of Administrative experience

Preferred qualifications

  • Five to ten years of Administrative experience


Review a full job description, which includes additional information on core competencies, skills and abilities, and physical demands. You can also learn more about ARRT, our culture, and our benefits.


To apply for this position, fill out the job application form and email it to resumes@arrt.org. You may attach a cover letter if you wish.