About This Position

As the Director of Exam Requirements & Psychometrics at ARRT, you’ll lead the team that oversees the examination/assessment component of ARRT's certification and registration programs. In that role, you’ll be responsible for maintaining the psychometric integrity of our programs.

This position reports to the Senior Director of Credentialing Operations. It also works closely with the Executive Director and, when needed, the Board of Trustees.

DEPARTMENT’s Key Duties and Responsibilities

We’ve listed an overview of the departmental responsibilities below. We haven’t differentiated the activities you’ll perform and those you’ll delegate. That’s because this position is ultimately responsible for the performance of the team and for the quality of our examination development process and products.

Examination Development and Production

  • Conduct job analysis surveys across the profession
  • Develop discipline-specific documents, including those that outline our exam topics and those that dictate educational and clinical requirements for candidates
  • Develop exam questions by piloting and calibrating questions
  • Evaluate pass/fail scores
  • Perform quality control checks
  • Manage schedules of examination committees

Analysis and Reporting on Exam Scores

  • Analyze and interpret exam results data
  • Prepare reports summarizing examination results
  • Maintain equating mechanism


  • Provide technical assistance in research design and data analysis to staff
  • Participate in scholarly research as time permits
  • Keep informed of issues and new developments in certification and licensure testing

Examination Security

Maintain the validity of the examinations by employing the latest procedures to identify:

  • Candidates who have others complete the exam for them
  • Examinees with prior knowledge of the exam content
  • Copyright infringement

If an examination security infringement results in legal action, you’ll need to maintain confidential and accurate records of all parties involved. You may also need to testify in a deposition or court of law on behalf of ARRT.

General Managerial Responsibilities

As the head of your department, you’ll be responsible for managing staff, assessing departmental staffing needs, hiring, training, performing employee performance reviews, and completing other general managerial duties.

You’ll also be responsible for department budgeting and contributing to strategic planning for the department and organization.

Cross Departmental Responsibilities

  • Work with our Strategic Communications department to develop informational materials (e.g., articles, news releases, presentations, and handbooks)
  • Partner with our Information Technology department to develop and maintain computer programs for psychometric services


Minimum Qualifications

  • Doctorate degree in Psychometrics, Quantitative Methods in Psychology, Educational Measurement, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, or a related field

Preferred Qualifications

  • Three or more years of experience supervising/managing employees
  • Three or more years of experience in examination development and/or psychometrics


This position is onsite in our St. Paul, Minnesota, office. Relocation assistance may be available.

The Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) is a vibrant and lively metropolitan area. It consistently appears on national lists of best places to live in the U.S., and we couldn't agree more. We're home to six professional sports teams, an impressive arts and theater scene, and numerous restaurants with James Beard-winning and -nominated chefs. We also have an abundance of lakes, trails, and outdoor activities, as well as dozens of higher education institutions within the metro area.


Review a full job description, which includes additional information on core competences, skills and abilities, and physical demands. To apply for this position, please fill out the job application form and email it to You may attach a resume and cover letter if you wish.