certificate census by location and discipline

This chart shows the number of ARRT credentials held by Registered Technologists (R.T.s) in each state and region. If viewing on desktop, hover over the headers in each column to see full credential name (or view legend at bottom of page). The "Techs" column shows the total number of R.T.s who hold ARRT credentials and the "Certs" column shows the total number of credentials held by those R.T.s. 

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Discipline Abbreviations

RAD— Radiography

NMT— Nuclear Medicine Technology

THR— Radiation Therapy

MRI— Magnetic Resonance Imaging

SON— Sonography

MAM— Mammography

CT— Computed Tomography

QM— Quality Management

BD— Bone Densitometry

CI— Cardiac Interventional Radiography

VI— Vascular Interventional Radiography

CV— Cardiovscular Interventional Radiography

VS— Vascular Sonography

BS— Breast Sonography

RA— Radiologist Assistant