Types Of ARRT Credentials

Primary Pathway

  • (R) Radiography
  • (N) Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • (T) Radiation Therapy
  • (MR) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • (S) Sonography

Postprimary Pathway

  • (M) Mammography
  • (CT) Computed Tomography
  • (MR) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • (QM) Quality Management (new credentials offered through June 30, 2018, only)
  • (BD) Bone Densitometry
  • (CV) Cardiovascular Interventional Radiography (no longer accepting new applicants)
  • (CI) Cardiac Interventional Radiography
  • (VI) Vascular Interventional Radiography
  • (S) Sonography
  • (VS) Vascular Sonography
  • (BS) Breast Sonography

Physician Extender

  • (R.R.A.) Registered Radiologist Assistant

You must meet the supporting category requirement to pursue certification and registration using the postprimary pathway.

Learn more about each of the disciplines by visiting our primary pathway and postprimary pathway pages.